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We're in the Neighborhood!


Neftin Westlake Volkswagen & Mazda Car Company

We're Committed to Excellence in Customer Satisfaction
It's what drives us.
A long standing family tradition.

1. Our Commitment to You! - Why We're Different
2. Find Out How We Show Our Commitment to Excellence
3. Our History - An Active Part of Your Community

Our Commitment to You! - Why We're Different

Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad and now the kids...

We hear it all the time. The sound of adults teasing their friends and kids taunting their school chums. "My car dealer is better than your car dealer." And now, another generation of customers are braggin' about their Neftin Mazda and Volkswagen experience.

* We routinely have over 200 cars available to choose from.
* Our "Certified" pre-owned vehicles have undergone a seriously stringent 128-point inspection and must have less than 60,000 miles, so you know they are the highest quality and reliability.
* We offer a variety of creative, low-rate financing options.
* Our "Owner's Circle" website feature lets Neftin customers conveniently store your service history, receive factory updates, schedule appointments, learn about money-saving specials, and recall notifications.
* If you like, we'll even set-up e-mail service reminders.

To us, obsessive attention to detail is what sets Neftin apart from our competition.

* Including hiring the best, most knowledgeable sales people that like us, are part of and have lived in the community for years.

Heck, maybe our kids are in the same WMCA Indian Princess tribe. Or play together in Little League.
Hey, didn't we go to school together? Go ask your mom.


How We Show Our Commitment To Excellence

1. We always smile. Like visiting your favorite neighborhood friend, our doors are open, our smiles free and frequent and there's always a bowl full of jelly beans at your disposal.

2. Our customers are our future. We know we don't exist without you, so you'll find every one at Neftin ready to accommodate you in any way we can.

3. Teamwork is paramount at Neftin. We encourage a positive, productive environment where every one pitches in. You couldn't get a closer-knit group in an Amish barn-raising!

4. Instant customer attention is our utmost responsibility. We greet customers immediately and enthusiastically. "How may we help you!"

5. Complaints are welcome! Yes, it's true. If there is any dissatisfaction to our customers, our associates own that complaint. They follow through. They communicate the problem to associates and management so that we always meet the customer's needs.

6. Ever walk into a dealership and ask for the parts counter and get a vague hand gesture from a bubble blowing receptionist? Not here at Neftin. If you ask for directions, we introduce ourselves and become your guide, making sure that you will receive the attention that you deserve!

7. We show pride and confidence in our fellow workers.